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Updated: September 22, 2012 19:20 IST

Proving her worth

Y. Sunita Chowdhary
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Actor Poorna
Actor Poorna

Poorna tells us why playing the lead in the horror film ‘Avunu’ is giving her sleepless nights

She is pretty and she can act well buts she still needs that small reassurance that she is capable of delivering the goods. In fact Poorna has done a decent job in Seema Tapakay as a woman who loathes the moneyed class. “When I was asked to play the lead character Mohini in Avunu I asked Ravi Babu why he chose me. He said he wanted someone who can act well. I felt nice,” quips Poorna. The Malayali actor is now promoting Chattakari, a Malayalam film which is a remake of Julie. The film released recently and this week she has rushed to Hyderabad to promote Avunu.

“This is my first horror film and I get scared very easily. I don’t watch horror films at all and if at all I see, then my mother gets really bugged. She switches off the television and tells me not to destroy her sleep and happiness. I ask her to accompany everywhere till I forget the movie. Even if I need to use the washroom I wake her up. I know it is just cinema but I can’t get out of that fear. Remember art is an imitation of life; they make movies of what happens in life. There is more than an element of truth in it.”

Poorna reveals there are no songs in this film and she is proud of herself for doing a risky table scene. She adds, “For the climax I had to lie on a table in some scenes with the person who plays my husband. A dupe could have done that but I did it.There is also this dustbin that plays an eerie part in the movie. I have a dustbin in my bathroom and now I see the dustbin and get reminded of the scenes in the film.”

She adds, “I couldn’t sleep alone in my room. During shooting, the producer gave us two rooms; one for me and one for my assistant. I would wake up in the middle of the night and summon the assistant and ask her to sleep in my room. I’m basically a dancer and cinema just happened to me, sometimes I still wonder how I could become an actor. My friends too keep asking how I pulled it off. There is lot of competition happening in the south and I’m incapable of being in the race but I will be more than happy to do a good role and prove that I am capable of doing it.”

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