Director Gopichand’s movies are rooted in an image of a larger than life hero

It’s been a fortnight since director Gopichand got married, and after a brief holiday he’s back on the sets to resume the shoot of Balupu. The shy and soft spoken director hails from Ongole and has directed Don Seenu and Bodyguard. Gopichand left his studies while he was in college and pursued a career in movies. He remembers spending long hours discussing films with his friends. “I would narrate the story, analyse the pros and cons and unconsciously the interest turned into a passion. Now watching my scripts unfold on screen gives me a real kick, says the director who had worked with Sreenu Vytla, EVV Satyanarayana and Murugadoss. He admits to having traces of their influence on him.

Any particular reason for the fascination with Ravi Teja? He says he Don Seenu likes Ravi Teja for his comic timing and unmistakeable energy. He adds, “I always write stories that have characters brimming with energy. The second film with Ravi Teja is not a coincidence, I always weave stories with him in mind and they tend to suit every star. These days all actors are choosing roles that have energy. Balupu has plenty of fun, it is about the arrogance in the character. The story is fresh, it has an emotional point and a love angle as well.”

Though his favourite directors are EVV and Vytla, the director says he attempts to create a brand of his own. He always aims to show the hero in a sublime position. He says, “For me the hero is ultimate. If he has a ‘star image’ it works very well, because there will be a sense of believability and span. Nenu ye script chesina hero ni ala oohinchikune chestaWhen I was young I enjoyed watching the hero knock down dozens of baddies, say mesmerising dialogues, dance etc. He would look the ultimate. Even now it is the same, heroism always remains the same in movies, it’s just the stories and the backdrop that change.”

Balupu with Ravi Teja, Sruthi Hassan and Anjali is scheduled to release this summer.