Making a commercial film with a medical college as backdrop, is no joke. Newcomer Raj Mudiraj does a fabulous job of creating an ambiance for a medical college, narrating the life and story of medical students and shows the progression of their personalities from the first year to their day of passing out of the college with plenty of life and gusto. The best thing about the film is that the director gives what he promises right from the credits, intro till the final moments of the film. He chronicles the life of medicos in the form of newspaper headlines while the credits roll that actually sums up the film.

The movie has intense, sensible and meaningful lines throughout, for instance when the first year students are taken into the anatomy room, the professor tells the noisy students to treat the bodies with respect, “they are useful to us even after death,” he tells them. A television reporter wanting to smoke asks a medico if the campus is a smoking zone to which the latter replies that the human body in the first place is a no smoking zone. The director despite taking the audience through lighter moments very intelligently passes the guidelines and pre requisites for doctors and even before the break after the first half is announced rekindles concern and arouses a deep sense of respect for the tribe, just through his dialogues, for the hardship they face to pass the examinations, qualify as doctors, practise, and finally make sacrifices with little regard for personal life.

By stating that heroes are not anywhere, they live amidst us, Raj Mudiraj introduces the protagonist Rishi, an orphan and a brilliant medico who falls for his classmate Pooja (Supriya Shailaja). The first half of the film shows how the opposite personalities attract and post interval the director moves the focus to a larger issue and that of doctors. The lingo used and the dressing is very contemporary and the climax though a bit dramatic makes one fight back tears. Aravind Krishna who disappointed in his debut film comes across as a seasoned actor maintaining consistency and lending credibility to his role - which is the transformation of Rishi (his name) to Rushi (a sage). The director keeps repeating that if medicine is a penance then doctors are Rishis. Suresh makes for a pleasant appearance albeit in a negative role. Newcomer Supriya Shailaja is pretty and a good performer.

Director Raj Mudiraj shows promise, allows people the pace and space to soak in the drama of the lives of the medicos and is successful in creating a fictional entertainer. Kudos to Prasad Productions for encouraging new artistes and technicians and coming up with a fresh entertaining subject.

Cast: Arvind Krishna, Supriya Sailaja

Direction: Raj Mudhiraj

Music: Singdha

Genre: Medical drama (A)

Plot: A medico's commitment for his profession overtakes love

Bottomline: A must watch for doctors and doctors-to-be

Keywords: Telugu cinema