It is a complete mood swing for people who watch the violent Bezawada one day and the preachy and the mellowed love tale Priyudu on the other. Newcomer Sraavan's focus is on the matters of the heart about two people who have diverse opinion on love; Kartik (Varun Sandesh) is a well to do youth who avoids love and romance like plague, thinks that it stifles his freedom and strips him off his individuality. But when he bumps into Madhu Latha (Preetika) who falls for him and both their families give their immediate consent, Kartik doesn't reject the proposal lest his decision hurts his parents. The film would wind up fast if the couple decide to speak their mind to each other so we have the hero bringing in a suitor Vara Prasad (Randhir) attempting to impress Madhu Latha and from then on it's a lengthy drama that centres around the trio, their understandings and misunderstandings.

The story gives out an outdated approach to narration and also the characters. The heroine is a modern Sati Savitri, the film should have been titled Priyuralu, who believes that her contentment stems from her partner's happiness. Knowing well enough that Kartik loves his freedom, she gives him enough breathing space, moves around with the third character in the story and makes the hero feel the pangs of love. Just not the hero, even his father lacks a spine; when he can't see his son suffer, he advises him to go to the US. The hero gets hit twice, one in a ghastly bike accident and next the villain hits his head hard with a brick. The recovery time is very short but the real brick falls over him when the girl gets ready to marry Vara Prasad. He gets his mandatory and clichéd monologue in the climax to show his talent.

Varun Sandesh speaks better Telugu in Priyudu than in any of his previous movies. Now that he uses his face more to express the emotions, he can move over to using the rest of the body as well. The layers of clothing, sometimes a full sleeves shirt doesn't cover the lanky physique. Preetika looks achingly lonely as if the world comes to end just because a guy doesn't love her. This bleak perspective of the character is likely to put off contemporary women. Randhir does good work and Vennela Kishore's hilarity outshines that of Ali's.


Cast: Varun Sandesh, Preetika, Randhir

Direction: Sraavan

Music: Mohan Jona

Genre: Love

Plot: Understanding the concept of meeting, chatting, sharing and loving

Bottomline: Taste, credibility in story goes missing as soon as the hero spits chewing gum out of the window