Film star Priyanka Chopra has started acting in a yet-to-be-named film on the life of Mary Kom, the international woman boxer from Manipur who has been bringing laurels to the country from competitions held at home and abroad, the latest being a medal in the last Olympics games. Ms. Chopra made a two-day visit to Imphal to study the lifestyle of Ms. Kom.

Soon after arrival in Imphal on Monday, Ms. Chopra, dressed in Kom tribe sarong, went to the house of Ms. Kom at Langol housing complex near Imphal.

The film is likely to be released early next year.

Shortly before leaving for Mumbai, Ms. Chopra told journalists that she had come to study the lifestyle of Mary Kom. She will have to learn some techniques of boxing.

She praised the achievements of Ms. Kom and said that she should be an inspiration to others. While she will play the role of Mary Kom, the persons who will play the roles of other important family members and professional friends are yet to be selected.