Real life experience of Filipinos following three hundred years of Spanish colonial era and American military rule are portrayed in their cinemas. These films have made a niche for themselves in world cinema. Seven movies of Lav Diaz, Pepe Diokno, Brillante Mendoza, Raya Martin, Jeffrey Jeturian, Adolfo Alix Jr and Auraeus Solito, which can provide an enchanting experience, are included in the 16th International Film Festival of Kerala.

Century of Birthing conveys the collaborative stories of a priest — Fr. Tiburcio and an unhappy villager – Homer. The movie is directed by the adventurous film maker Lav Diaz. The 28-year-old independent film maker is famous for his short films and documentaries.

The 24-year-old director-producer-screenwriter Pepe Diokno sketches the present social strata of Philippines through Clash. The movie narrates the brutality of death squads allegedly sponsored by the local governments in the Philippines. The film won the award for the best debut film at the 66th Venice film festival. It also bagged the award for best Asian film at the Jeonju film festival.

Independence (Independencia), directed by Raya Martin, depicts the skirmishes and hostility between a mother and son along with the cultural and mythical history of Philippines. Independence was nominated for the “Un Certain Regard” of Cannes film festival in 2009.

Kinatay, which won the best director award for Brilllante Mendoza at the 62nd Cannes film festival, will be screened in the festival. The movie portrays the story of a police academy student who gets tragically trapped in a gangster group. The film is a satirical take on the current generation’s attitude of getting rich quickly.

The Bet Collector which was screened in 16 international film festivals will be the prime attraction in the Philippine movie package. Troublesome life of Amy– a bet collector is delineated in this movie. The new wave Filipino film maker Jeffrey Jeturian is its director.

Childless couple gives birth to a Fish, thus they become grand celebrities. Adolfo Alix Jr portrays the mythical beliefs of a society through the movie Fable of a Fish. The movie describes how a family copes and compromises to a modern day miracle.

Maxi, who is 12 years, falls in love with a mature policeman. Blossoming of Maximo, directed by Auraeus Solito, narrates the psyche and behaviour of homosexual personalities. The controversy is that Maxi is from a criminal family and the mature policeman is the officer investigating about Maxi’s family. The film can lead its audience in to unlimited laughter.

All of these movies symbolize the real happenings in this island nation with distinct themes. Philippine Cinema for the 16th IFFK is shallow analysis of the interesting and disturbing facets of Filipino psyche.