Goethe Institut to bring German classics to the country

Nearly two dozen movies from various member-countries of the European Union will offer a peek into European culture. The movies will be screened as part of the 15th European Union Film Festival that got under way at the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce theatre here on Tuesday.

The festival opened with a film from Poland. Goethe-Institut Director Karl Pechatscheck said each movie was rich in terms of cultural history and distinctive storyline. Noting that more German films were being introduced to Indian audience through such festivals, he said Goethe-Institut had planned to bring in German classics to the country.

Stating that German is the second popular foreign language next to French in the city, Mr. Pechatscheck said there was a 10 per cent rise every year in the number of students learning German in Chennai.

Film maker K.V. Anand said Europe had been a melting pot of different films that represent the rich culture of the nations.

Many Hollywood films have been inspired from German and French films. “Each country has influenced filmmakers across the world in its own way. Europeans consider cinema not as mere entertainment tools but as an integral part of their culture,” he said.

The festival, being organised by the European Union, New Delhi and Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF), features films from Italy, Ireland, Malta, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, France, Romania, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Sweden.

Film actor Megha Nair and ICAF president B.Ramakrishnan, vice-chairman S.Ve.Sheker and secretary E.Thangaraj spoke. The festival will be on till June 8.