Vidiyum Varai Pesu

What it is about…

A youth from a village on arrival in the city gets a call from a strange woman. He falls in love with her voice and sets out to trace her. Whether he meets with success or not forms the climax of A.M. Films’ Vidiyum Varai Pesu. Produced and directed by A.B. Mugan, the film features Anith, Nanma, Vaithegi, Meera Krishnan, Manobala, Imman Annachi and Kiran Manohar. R. Rajamani is the cameraman, D.K. Mohan, the editor, and Mohanji, the music director. The audio CD of the film was released by Justice Vallinayagam and received by director Seenu Ramasamy.

Music highlights

There are five songs in the film. ‘Pen Manadhu,’ written by the director himself, is first sung beautifully by Haricharan and next by Sam P. Keerthan. ‘Ethavadhu Neeyaga,’ again written by the director, follows in the sweet voice of Rita. ‘Yaro Aval Yaro,’ written by Aroor Thamizh Nadan and sung by Vijay Yesudas, is the best. ‘Kanniponnu Manasu,’ sung by Velmurugan and written by the music director, is sure to attract listeners.

What they say…

Producer-director A.B. Mugan: Beginning as a journalist, I have written more than half a dozen books. My first feature film was Theenda Theenda. Then I was looking out for an interesting storyline. That’s when Vidiyum Varai Pesu happened. It’s a film with arresting visuals.

Hero Anith: I am passionate about films. I have performed dance in director Mugan’s earlier film. Now he has given me the lead role in this film. I am thankful for it. I have given my best to the movie.

Music director Mohanji: I wanted to enter the film industry as a lyricist but ended up as a music director. I know Carnatic music and play the harmonium and violin. Besides composing the RR for the climax of Rowthiram, I have scored the music for two shorts and 10 ad films. When director Mugan asked me to work on his feature film, I was happy and have done my best.