Vikranth on his upcoming films

Vikranth has found it hard to emerge from the shadow of his superstar cousin Vijay in the film industry. He is now pinning his hopes on his new film, Piravi, to change his fortunes. Piravi, incidentally, is directed by his brother, Sanjeevi. “I am sure the film will pave the way for a comeback,” says Vikranth.

Candid about his mistakes that have proved costly in the past, he hopes Piravi will bring about a change. “In the beginning, I grabbed every film that came my way. I was desperate,” he says. The actor, in fact, wanted to take a break to step back and analyse his career. “I must thank my wife for pushing me to work hard. I reduced weight to get into shape for Piravi,” he says.

The young actor will also be seen in a 40-minute cameo in Vishal’s Pandianadu. “Vishal is a good friend. Though it’s a small role, it is a formidable one opposite Vishal,” he says.

Looking back on his career, what has he learnt as an actor? “Luck plays a very small role. I have realised that people make their own luck in this industry,” he says.