Powerful dialogue and melodious music makeJ. Nandhini Arts’ Penn Singam an entertainer.

Surya (Uday Kiran) and Nagendran (Richert) are college-mates. After completing studies, they meet in Chennai and renew their friendship. Surya, a Forest Department Officer, and Megala (Meera Jasmine), a computer operator at his office, fall in love with each other. He encourages her to pursue IPS.

Singamperumal (Radha Ravi), a wood smuggler, along with inspector Parasuraman (O.A.K. Sundar) and Madasamy (Thalaivasal Vijay), troubles Surya. Meanwhile, Nagendran sweet-talks his way into marrying Prabhavathi (Sudharsana Sen). However, his true colours are revealed on the day of the wedding when he asks Prabhavathi to sign a cheque for Rs. 50 lakh. There’s trouble when she asks the bank manager to stop payment the next day. To keep Nagendran’s activities in check, Prabhavathi seeks Surya’s help. When Nagendran is in the company of Singamperumal and others, Surya goes along with Prabhavathi to question him about his activities. In the heated exchange that ensues, Prabhavathi is killed. Surya is accused of killing her, arrested and sent to jail.

Meanwhile, Megala becomes an IPS officer and Surya’s mother Chandramathi resigns her post as judge and becomes a lawyer to fight her son’s case. Surya is released, but before he returns home his mother Chandramathi is killed by Nagendran. An enraged Surya vows to kill Nagendran.

Udhay Kiran as Surya is good but at times overdoes his role. Meera Jasmine as Megala is cool and fits the role beautifully. Richert has a long way to go as far as acting is concerned. Vivek as Surya’s driver provides comic relief. Radha Ravi as Singamperumal, the villain, is convincing. New-find Sudharsana Sen looks ravishing as Prabhavathi.Rohini is at her best as the judge and lawyer Chandramathi. Sriranjani as Prabhavathi’s mother acquits her role well, while Ramba as Maithili is convincing.

The story, screenplay and dialogue are by M. Karunanidhi. His catchy dialogue and mastery over words once again impress. He has also written a song rendered by S. P. Balasubramaniam and Chitra. Vijay Raghav’s camera is noteworthy, particularly the song sequences shot in foreign locales. Deva’s music is good — four of the six songs are hummable.

Another veteran who makes a mark yet again is poet Vaali. The lyrics of his ‘Aadi Aadi Asaiyum Iduppu’ are outstanding. Editor V.T.Vijayan has made the film enjoyable. When one asks who the real ‘Penn Singam’ in the film is, there are no marks for guessing — it’s Rohini who wins hands down with her excellent dialogue delivery and graceful acting. Bali Srirengam has directed the film produced by Aarumuganeri S. P. Murugesan.