After many popular music videos, Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao come up with their second feature film I Love NY

They like to create fables, this director duo. Standing testimony are their very popular music videos Woh Chali for Bombay Vikings, Gud Nalo Ishq Mitha for Bally Sagoo, Falguni Pathak’s Indhna Vinva, Yaad Piya…, and more, Asha Bhonsle’s Jaanam Samjha Karo, and the recent Tere Mast Mast Do Nain from Dabangg and Dagabaaz Re and Saanson Nefrom Dabangg 2. Their first film, Lucky: No Time For Love (2005), was yet again a fairy-tale romance about a young girl (Sneha Ullal) and her Prince Charming (Salman Khan). The man from Indore Vinay Sapru and the lady from Hyderabad Radhika Rao make for wonderfully creative partners weaving magic through their corporate films, music videos and films.

Coming up with their second film in eight years, the director duo admits that it’s a miracle they haven’t vanished from the entertainment scene. “That’s thanks to Salman Khan. We didn’t know that he was watching our work when he invited us over years ago and asked us to direct a film, any film, with him! Then again he roped us in to direct his songs in Dabangg and when they became hits, in Dabangg 2 as well. It’s kept us in the public eye while we have worked on our second film. The reason we took this long was because we were penning an original script,” says Vinay Sapru of their Sunny Deol-Kangna Ranaut starrer I Love NY (NY for New Year) releasing on April 26.

ILNY is a film about a shy Sikh banker Randhir Dhody (Sunny Deol) and an orphaned self-respecting music teacher Tikku Verma (Kangna Ranaut). Randhir is 40 and stays with his dad in New York where on the eve of New Year he meets Tikku who has just found herself a groom on a matrimonial website. Randhir himself has only just started dating someone. The film is the story of one night in the city where the two lead characters go through various situations and a gamut of emotions as they realise that they have fallen for each other. “Radhika and I have always been inspired by fairy-tales and we like to depict it in our work. ILNY is a fairy-tale romance that can build up within the confines of a city’s high-rises. Both characters are almost calculative in their relationships. Our modern-day Cinderella, Kangna is very practical when she is looking for her match on a matrimonial website. Salary, comfortable life, good home, have over ridden emotional bonding, compatibility etc. but life is unpredictable and love is its most unpredictable emotion,” says Vinay.

Pairing Sunny Deol and Kangna has been a casting coup of sorts and the trailers of the film have shown a new face of the action hero largely known for his wham-bam movies. “I doff my hat to the directors who made him (Sunny) do action films! He is way too soft, sophisticated and cultured to even raise his voice leave alone his hand on anyone. Our inner eye led us to him. We knew Kangna from even before she joined films. We wanted to cast her in one of her music videos and that hadn’t worked out. She has an international personality that suited this role,” says Radhika Rao, about their choice.

The film has captured Manhattan on December 31st night and promises to be a visual extravaganza, given the director’s repertoire. “I am not the sort to praise my own film before it releases. But I believe that one can’t do a cheat job — show something else in your promos while it is actually a shoddy film. If it is a good film, then it gets marketed well,” says Radhika, elaborating on the added pressure of film promotions.