With Father’s Day around the corner, Srinivasa Ramanujam takes a look at some memorable ‘dad films’ in Kollywood...

For several decades, the amma sentiment has been showcased elaborately by filmmakers in Tamil. It was not just in rural films, but even urban flicks that captured this. But of late, the ‘appa sentiment’ has come to the fore, with modern filmmakers paying tribute to the person who contributes immensely towards shaping us as individuals.

Thavamai Thavamirundhu

Dad: Rajkiran

Son: Cheran

An emotionally-charged movie, it is bound to take you on a trip down memory lane. In the film, Cheran recollects his childhood days spent with his father, played by Rajkiran.

Abhiyum Naanum

Dad: Prakash Raj

Daughter: Trisha

This feel-good film is about a doting dad and how he brings up his daughter. It throws light on what a father goes through when the child ‘grows up’ and how he still treats her as a child. The scenes that feature Prakashraj studying for his daughter’s entrance exam still bring a smile.

Vaaranam Aayiram

Dad: Suriya

Son: Suriya

Said to be largely inspired by his own life, Gautham Menon portrayed the ‘cool dad’ in this film. Suriya plays a dad who encourages his son (also played by Suriya) to go to the U.S. to follow his love interest.

Em Magan

Dad: Nasser

Son: Bharath

Nasser excelled in the role of a strict father who always keeps his meek son under check. Interestingly, this film was initially titled Emtan Magan. ‘Emtan’, derived from the German ship Emden that bombed Madras, was often used a few decades ago to refer to someone who was strict and often lost his temper.

Thanga Meenkal

Dad: Ram

Daughter: Sadhana

A heart-warming story about a father-daughter bond, it appealed without being overtly melodramatic. With music and lyrics that went with the theme of the film, this was a film that appealed to all fathers who have daughters.