Now watch Spider-Man movie in Malayalam. Six young brave hearts from the State were felicitated at the launch of the movie

Everybody loves Spider-Man. The webslinger’s unbelievable acrobatics, snarky witticisms and surprisingly relatable story have been known and loved all over the world. Now, the residents of the State can enjoy the latest Spider-Man movie on home video in Malayalam. Yes, you heard that right, ‘Vismayipikkunna Spider-Man’ has arrived.

Sony DADC, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation and a pioneer in the digital disc business within the country, has decided to enter regional markets, with Kerala being the first destination and bravery and valour being the themes on offer. Recognising the inner hero within every person, the company felicitated six children between the ages of seven and 18 who have received National and State Bravery Awards at the launch of the disc.

“My daughter does not know fear,” says Sarojini, mother of 13-year-old Shalini K.P., who received a bravery award for saving a child from a fast flowing river near her house in Malappuram. Eighteen-year-old Vishnu M.V. rescued a girl from a speeding train at Chalakudy railway station, while Ramith K. jumped into a pond with no fear for his own life to save a young man and woman. The youngest of the lot, Nandana M. from Kollam, all of seven years old, also saved a child from drowning and raised a hue and cry to get the notice of the nearby populace. Much like Spider-Man’s famed ‘spider sense’, these acts of bravery also stemmed from instinct. “It was not a conscious decision. I did not think much about consequence when I helped that girl, it just happened,” says Vishnu.

This ties in with what Sony DADC hopes to do in the regional market, bring movies that tell tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. “We realised that Kerala, with a high literacy rate and purchasing power, is a great market for us, and that is why we chose the State for our first foray into the regional market,” says C.K. Sunny, Managing Director, Sony DADC India, “rather than tell complicated tales, we believe that the simple concept of bravery will help connect with the audience. Depending on the impact this movie has, we have many other projects earmarked to translate into Malayalam and eventually other regional languages.” The company also plans to recognise acts of valour in each district as part of its ‘real super heroes’ programme.

The disc is being marketed as a user-friendly offering, with no complicated menus and bonus content to navigate, as it plays automatically upon insertion. It is priced much more attractively than the English version, retailing at Rs. 169.