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Updated: May 21, 2014 18:33 IST

One minute review: This is it

Sudhish Kamath
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Ups: This is it. Michael Jackson - up, close and professional. You see him practise, take charge of the rehearsals, give his inputs, share his vision… He always has a clear idea of how he wants things to be, when he wants his fellow artistes to stand out (“It’s your time to shine,” he tells lead guitarist Orianthi, urging her to burst into a solo) and sure knows his music inside out. Age hasn’t slowed down his feet or hurt his voice one bit. Even if he’s seen wearing layers of clothing that covered him till his wrist and looks thin, he shows no signs of fatigue or weakness. This is a man in control of his team, one who respected artistes and knew exactly what his fans expected out of him. The film takes us backstage to show us how Michael interacted with musicians and communicated his concerns with great passion. Plus, some newly cut videos of your favourite songs, including ‘Thriller’ (which was done in 3D specially for the concerts). This is vintage MJ on the dance floor untouched by age.

Downs: For those of you expecting something - a personal and intimate account of the last few days of Michael Jackson’s life - be warned that the scope of this musical documentary is strictly limited to his preparations and rehearsals. Nobody talks about his health or even concerns about how thin and pale he looked on some of the days. This is as official as it gets and would’ve been the perfect companion piece to the concert itself. So if you are looking for anything more than this, don’t let the hype fool you.

Bottomline: If at all MJ had problems with his health, he sure didn’t seem to let it affect his work. Must-watch for hardcore fans.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Kenny Ortega

Cast: Michael Jackson, Kenny Ortega, Orianthi

Storyline: How Michael Jackson prepared for the biggest concert of his life. The last known-recorded rehearsal footage of the King of Pop.

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