Siby Malayil's ‘Unnam' is about the genesis of a crime and its aftermath.

The interior of a building near Marine Drive, where the shooting of director Siby Malayil's ‘Unnam' is going on, is getting a quick facelift.

The camera is about to be switched on and members of the crew waste no time to make the scene look picture perfect.

“It is tough to slot ‘Unnam' in a particular genre. Let us say it is about the genesis of a crime, which is being narrated on the lines of a thriller. A group of people plan to commit a crime to make a quick buck.

“In between, their relationship witnesses several changes. Sunny (Lal), Murukan (Nedumudi Venu), Aloshy (Asif Ali), and Tomy (Prashanth Narayanan) play lead characters. Sreenivasan and Noushi have important roles in the film too,” says Siby, closely watching the monitor, as a close-up of Prashant is being shot.

The unit is all set to shift to another bungalow where they will shoot some scenes with Nedumudi Venu and Swetha Menon. Shwetha plays a character called Sareena, who is living with Murukan, after a failed marriage.

Sunny has past connections with Mumbai's underworld and Murukan is his confidante. Aloshy is a street singer and Tomy is the son of an old friend of Sunny's.

Although the theme of ‘Unnam' is different from the kind of films that he is usually known for, Siby says he is quite at ease with the theme. “I think a filmmaker should experiment with varying themes,” says Siby.

“It is not easy to describe my character without revealing some parts of the suspense,” says Rima Kallingal, who plays a character called Jennifer in the movie.

Different look

She has gone for a rather different look for the role. Missing are her signature curly locks. “Jennifer knows what she wants from life. She is not evil though,” says Rima.

Prashanth Narayanan, who went to Mumbai to become a film producer and started acting in Bollywood films, says: “My family are movie buffs and it was exciting being offered a role in a Siby Malayil film, and sharing screen space with superb actors like Nedumudi Venu, for instance.” Prashanth was recently seen in the Bollywood movie ‘Murder 2.'

‘Unnam' is being produced under the banner of Kuniyil Productions. Cinematographer is Ajayan Vincent, music director is John P. Varkey, and still photographer is Sinat Savier.

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