Among the Indian diaspora settled in Malaysia there is a large Telugu population. Fascinated by the way they have still retained their roots and mother tongue, Avinash wrote a story around them, making it more interesting by weaving a love story involving the fourth generation settlers. After completing 90 per cent of the movie in various locations in Malaysia, the unit helmed by producer O. Ramakrishna returned to Hyderabad to film the remaining portions for a couple of song sequences at specially erected sets in Ramoji Film City and for the post-production work.

“Those portions in the songs, shot on the lead actors, required indoor shoot,” said O. S. Avinash during the post-production work. He says that most of the four and half lakh Telugu population living in Malaysia hails from Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam and Chittoor districts.

They speak their mother tongue, each with their distinct accent. “For my story, I took three young characters, a wildlife photographer (played by Tanish), a fashion designer (Ramya Nambisan) and a model (Tashu Kaushik). It sounds like a triangular love story but it has a different flavour.

Tanish and Ramya are childhood friends while Tashu meets Tanish during their professional sojourn and falls in love with him. But their love story has its glitches taking the story to curious turns. Ramya plays Bulan, the second daughter of Nagababu and Sona Nair whose preferred daughter seemed to be the eldest (played by Ananya) who is more intelligent. This sets a sort of a complex in Ramya and brings her closer to Tanish at a time when he needs her company the most. In Malay, Bulan means moon,” smiles the director. He continues, “At one stage our hero is caught between the ‘moon’ and the model. How our Telugabbayi juggles out of such piquant situation and whom he chooses as his life partner makes interesting viewing interspersed with seven lilting songs (lyrics: J.S. Nivas),” says the director whose earlier venture was, Kaadhante Avunanile.

Shot extensively in Kuala Lampur, Malacca, Puthrajaya and Lankavi (cinematographer: Prathap V. Kumar), the movie is edited by O. Ravishankar and has in its cast Yamini as the hero’s mother and Lohith playing a pivotal character with shades of grey.

This youthful romantic love story is slated to hit the marquee in the last week of August.