High voltage drama at the Zamindari house set at Ramanaidu Studios, Nanakramguda. The youngster, an NRI from the Baltic Europe is engaged in a serious conversation with a middle aged man while his grandmother looks distracted. A young lady listens to the ongoing debate between the two men, with a disturbed feeling. A close look reveals the actors —- Aadi, the young NRI entrepreneur, the middle aged man is Rao Ramesh who is cast as the family faithful and the grandmother the versatile Sarada while Nisha Agarwal plays the young lady. After filming the sequence director Ashok G of Pilla Zamindar fame settles for a conversation.

“It is the journey of a young NRI from Europe to his ancestral village in Andhra Pradesh. Aadi’s name in the movie is Sukumar. Though the name denotes a sensitive person, our hero is brought up since childhood in a different atmosphere. So he has no respect for family bonding. As a result, he is insensitive towards fellow beings. The purpose of his visit to his native place is to dispose the family property, get his lonely grandmother into an old age home and return to Europe, with the money of course. Rao Ramesh, though the son of a watchman (played by M.S. Narayana) is treated like a family member and he objects to the hero’s insensitive idea. It is this scene that we have shot.” Ashok explains.

Nisha Agarwal plays the granddaughter of Sarada. “She is brought up in a traditional atmosphere, in a joint family and knows the value of relationships and family ties. She shares equal screen space with the hero and even has a solo song to perform,” smiles Ashok, adding “It is also a beautiful love story.”

Talking of veteran actor Sarada he says, “She is the real hero of the story. Krishnagaru essays a special role as the village elder and indirectly plays a key role in bringing a change of heart in the protagonist. The interesting point is how this insensitive young CEO from Europe has become sensitive to issues and family bonding and helps implement welfare measures in the village. Sanjay (in real life veteran actor Krishna’s son-in-law) is cast as his father. Tanikella Bharani is the villain. Two European actresses play interesting characters too. In the opening scene the hero’s outlook towards life is revealed through an interviewer (played by Carolina) while Lulia is cast as his personal secretary. There are as many characters, 60 actors playing different roles,” he says. Prominent among them are Chandramohan (cast as the heroine’s father), Chalapathi Rao, ‘Vennela’ Kishore and Sri Lakshmi.

Besides the lilting music, Sri Ram’s stunning visuals especially in the 15 day shoot at Europe need special mention, opines the director. “It is a beautifully designed entertainment bouquet,” Ashok signs off.

Produced by K. Venugopal and presented by K.V.V. Sathyanarayana, the movie is slated for release next January .


Cast: Aadi, Nisha Agarwal, Sarada.

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction: Ashok G.

Music: Anoop Rubens

Banner: Sri Sowdamini Creations


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