When life becomes routine, the mind demands masti and maza for a rejuvenation. Five girls – Pallavi, Gowri, Rekha, Pooja and Lakshmi — bored with their routine life meet at the Chocolate Room in Banjara Hills to plan for some masti. As they discuss their plan over a cup of hot chocolate, one of the five girls, Lakshmi, expresses her inability to attend the celebration at a farmhouse on the outskirts.

The other four girls decide to go ahead with the party. This key scene was shot by debut director Chacha a few days ago at this popular joint frequented by young adults.

“Each one of them has a different mindset, different views on life. Still they are great friends; one common thing that unites them is that all of them love to have some fun in life. After failing to convince Lakshmi to join them, the other four head to the farmhouse. They do have good fun that night, so much so that they are totally blanked out. Something happens to them during the night at the farmhouse, some strange things. As the sun rises, they go back to their routine life only to discover some gory pictures and videos haunting them, as if to blackmail. They try hard to recollect those missing hours in their lives during the previous night, but are unable to. How they resolve those missing hours, what happens to the girls, how they come out of this torment takes the viewers to a gripping climax,” says Chacha. He had earlier worked under various directors before turning a filmmaker with this venture, produced by journalist turned film producer Ravi Punnam.

Sushma, a Kannada starlet plays Pallavi, Deeksha Panth is cast as Gowri, Nazia, a theatre artiste as Pooja and Asha an airhostess plays Rekha. Upcoming actress Madhubala essays the role of Lakshmi, a girl with a traditional upbringing who fears her father who is against his daughter spending night outs.

“There are other actors cast as parents and lovers of some of these girls. But the entire story which is character-driven revolves around these five girls. Basically, it is a youthful entertainer. Gopinath who had earlier worked as the operative cameraman for ace cinematographers Ajay Vincent and Sekhar Joseph debuts. We shot the film in digital format and it is edited by Sandhyaram. The songs are situation driven and sound designing and background score takes the movie to the next level. It’s a romantic thriller coated with pure entertainment. We plan to release the movie in November,” Chacha signs off.

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