Director George Varghese’s 6 B Paradise is about loneliness within a marriage.

George Varghese, who made his Mollywood debut as director with the Prithviraj-starrer Thanthonni, is back at the helm with a family drama – 6 B Paradise. The location for the day is a beautiful house at Arookkutty, Alappuzha district.

Miya, who was recently seen in Chettayees, is playing Anna, a homemaker in the movie 6 B Paradise P. Sukumar, cinematographer and director of Swantham Lekhakan, who also played one of the Chettayees, dons the role of Anna’s husband, Abey. He is the chief executive officer of a multi-national company. Manoj K. Jayan stars as Adityan, an executive in a surgical company. He is Anna’s old buddy.

“It’s the story of an educated woman, who is married to a successful professional. Anna, however, is unhappy and rather lonely. She is interested in music, painting and reading but Abey has no time for her as he is always busy. The plot here is not really about the issues between a husband and a wife. Their problems increase when they fail to share their feelings with each other and their life takes a dramatic turn with the entry of Adityan, whom Anna meets after so many years,” says George.

“This sense of loneliness is a relevant theme in today’s world. When a husband or a wife confide their anxieties about their relationship in a third person, it can exacerbate their problems,” adds George.

Cinematographer Sudheer K.S. is taking some close up shots of Miya, who sports some bruises on her face. “Anna is very grounded; I’m just the opposite!,” laughs Miya, who has completed Red Wine in which she has been paired opposite Asif Ali. She will soon be playing Prithviraj’s heroine in Jeethu Joseph’s forthcoming film, Memories.

The next scene features Nandu, who looks completely unkempt, talking to her. But before that Nandu needs to get his make-up fixed. He sports a wig and his face has been made up to look tanned and scary. He plays Kadandal, who does the menial jobs in many houses. Nandu got a fresh lease of life with his well-appreciated role in Spirit.

“It was almost like a re-entry into movies after more than two decades in the industry. Right now, I am flooded with offers,” he says. Kailash, who plays a Baul singer, is also part of the cast.