Sugeeth’s 3 Dots, starring Pratap Pothen, Kunchacko Boban and Biju Menon in the lead, tells the tale of three former convicts starting their lives afresh.

“When they stand separately, each dot denotes a full stop. But when they come together, it signifies continuation,” says director Sugeeth, who made a spectacular debut with Ordinary last year, about the relevance of the title of his latest film 3 Dots, the shooting of which is progressing in front of a plush bungalow near Vaikom. Sugeeth gives the nod and the ‘three dots’ or the three leading men in the film – Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon and Pratap Pothen – enter the frame in a car.

“The three have just been released from jail and they have no clue regarding what to do next in life. Here, they have come to meet psychologist Dr. Isaac (Narain). The three characters represent the past, the present, and the future. If Padmakumar or Pappettan (Pratap) who has gone through a lot in his life thus far, represents the past, Louis (Biju) lives in the moment, and represents the present. Young Vishnu (Kunchacko), meanwhile, is the future,” explains Sugeeth. The shot is quickly canned and the crew members move on to the next scene, which features the three former convicts talking with Dr. Issac, in the latter’s drawing room.

As they wait to take their places for the scene, Kunchacko and Biju, who have, of late, being starring in quite a number of hits together, including the latest Romans, say that it is heartening to see the viewers accepting their “on-screen chemistry” (they both burst out into laughter).

3 Dots is a feel-good entertainer with a simple storyline. It also conveys a nice message as well,” says Kunchacko. “My character, Vishnu, is a small-time crook and was sent to jail for stealing mobile phones. He starts an ambulance service after he completes his jail sentence,” he adds.

Biju chips in: “My character, meanwhile, joins a driving school run by Grace, a widow (Anjana Menon), who lives nearby.”

Pratap22 Female KottayamAyaalum Njanum Thammil says that his character in 3 Dots has “disturbing memories of failed relationships and also about his former job in a bank.” Once out of the jail, Padmakumar starts a day care.

Tamil actor Janani Iyer, who was seen in Avan Ivan, plays the lead role of Lakshmi. Vishnu gets her a job as a teacher in Padmakumar’s day care.

Narain says: “Dr. Isaac conducts counselling sessions in the jail and has become friends with these three. After they are released, he helps them to start their lives afresh.”

3 Dots is being produced by B. Satish and Sugeeth under the banner of Ordinary Films, and will reach the cinemas in March. Faisal Ali cranks the camera and Vidyasagar composes the music. Stills are by Sinat Savier.


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