OKOK takes you by surprise and leaves you smiling till the end of the film. It is an amusing friendship between Srinivas (Udayanidhi Stalin) and Bangarraju (Santhanam) that coalesces into something memorable. The film’s asset is undoubtedly Santhanam who takes the story to another level and Udayanidhi Stalin who makes his debut gives a credible and a confident performance without imitating anyone. After Siva Manasula Sakthi, Boss Engira Bhaskaran, Rajesh M’s romantic comedy is executed well, it is not a great movie but the actors transform an ordinary wafer thin script to an immensely watchable fare. It is fun, sweet and good enough to recommend at least for a one time watch. It begins with Srinivas sleeping on the terrace and being rudely awakend by a courier boy who brings a wedding invitation — that of Meera’s (Hansika). She is getting married to a boy of her parent’s choice and Srinivas makes a panic call to his best buddy Bangarraju to bring the car as they need to rush to the place the wedding is taking place.

While they are on the road, the story is told in a flash back mode. Srinivas is a middle class man who mocks at ordinary looking women at traffic signals and is one day struck by Meera’s beauty and proposes to her. He expects this rich girl to reciprocate but she obviously is not interested in him. From then on Srinivas makes many attempts to impress her and she only becomes stubborn. She doesn't quite like Bangarraju but on one occasion tells Srinivas that if he wants to date her he must follow certain conditions, that include staying away from Bangarraju, speaking correct English, must be on time, must be clean shaven etc etc. A time arrives when the best friends decide to part ways and are busy wooing their respective girls. Movie ends on a predictable note but Rajesh intersperses the film with plenty of songs, whacky one liners and silly jokes that sound really funny coming from Santhanam. Even Saranya who is mostly seen in weepy roles is a treat to watch and teams up with Udayanidhi and Santhanam and pushes the laugh riot to the maximum. The airplane episode in the Tamil original is missing here and the film has been trimmed. Hansika is full of life, looks pretty and yes, there is a dialogue between her and a boy at a Coffee Shop that highlights her weighty issues. The film would have been a hit even without Andrea, Arya in the climax.

Cinematography is slick, editing could have been better. Full marks to the director for crafting a film that barely has any dull moment. Udayanidhi Stalin has the potential to be a fine actor but he needs to brush up his dancing quite a bit; The producer cum actor couldn’t have asked more. The film is titled OKOK, in Tamil it is Oru Kal Oru Kannadi which means a stone and a mirror (taken from a song). Don’t miss this one.


Cast: Udayanidhi Stalin, Santhanam, Hansika

Direction: M Rajesh

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Plot: A blow-hot blow-cold relationship between two friends

Bottomline: A formula executed very well