Instead of the ‘adult content' warning it should have simply said: “Watch it at your own risk, the management does not take the responsibility for headaches.” A few minutes into the film and you'll know that there are three things that perhaps cannot be expected from the film — commitment to acting, direction and content. The film has been touted to be a message-oriented one but it comes across as a poorly researched generalisation. An A-certificate, random special effects and songs might not be the only bad things about this film. The Hindi film Shaitan also deals with the topic of misguided teenagers and Oka Romantic Crime Katha takes a similar route but fumbles.

Veena, Tanmayee and Anju are good friends; they travel together in buses. While Tanmayee is studying in standard X, Veena is pursuing her engineering degree and Anju is an intermediate student. What we learn is nothing but sleazy narratives of the sexual escapades of these three girls. Predictably enough, the story meanders around topics of abortion, teenage pregnancy and experimental crime but provides solutions for none.

Veena is in love with her classmate Kiran, a sleaze-ball who makes short films and these ‘short-films' are nothing but videos of couples having sex. As luck would have it, Veena gets filmed by him during the act and he extorts money from her and Veena thinks it right to commit suicide.

Anju is shown to be a promiscuous girl. She ends up pregnant and has an illegal abortion which leads to an infection. The girl is smart enough to psychoanalyse herself as a girl yearning for affection but is naive enough to sleep around with men who have no real interest in her.

Tanmayee, the 15-year-old girl falls in love with Sanjay, a final year engineering student. He wants to impress her with a snazzy bike and strangely enough, he looks at chain-snatching as the best source of income. Whatever happened to call centre jobs or working shifts at restaurants. Oops, the youth wants an easy way out of things! Tanmayee forms an alliance with him and together they trap men from Facebook (put in a big question mark and guffaw here). They don't just steal money, they kill the guys too. Each time, however, Tanmayee sheds a tear or two for the dead soul. Tanmayee and Sanjay get convicted and are killed in a police ‘encounter'. It's brutal because the couple half-heartedly justify their crimes.

The film looks like it has been shot using a shaky handycam and the performances look as real as toddlers lying. Even worse is the creative treatment of the film, or the lack it. Let's go back to the songs — what is with the super-imposed effects. It's almost as if the editor of the film is screaming for attention. Manoj Nandam should perhaps consider investing in body language improvement classes. The performances are awkward at best. The film has been over stuffed with sex — rather with the perception of it. It's strange for Tanmayee to demand to ‘sleep with you (the hero) like his wife', even stranger is the film's handling of the topic. In trying to create sensitivity and bringing awareness over these topics, the film has in fact pushed them further into the dark labyrinths of regressive thinking. It's a good idea gone completely wrong.

Keywords: Tollywood