What it is about…

Halamma Talkies’ Maayai is produced and directed by J.R. Kannan, who has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues and played the hero. Sanjay, Sanam, Manobala, Rajkapoor, “Nan Kadavul” Rajendran, Fathima Babu, Cheranraj and Kajal form the supporting cast. J. Raj has composed the music, while Manish has done the RR. Mohan Raj has written the lyrics. Maayai is all about one-sided love and the impact it has on the protagonist’s life. The audio of the film was released by director S.P. Muthuraman and received by producer-director Keyar.

Music highlights

What strikes you about this audio CD is it has only one song — a lovely number, ‘Kodi Kodi Asai,’ sung by Belliraj and Hemambika. It’s been composed by the music director in such a way that you can’t help listening to it again and again.

What they say…

Producer, director and hero J.R. Kannan: I have worked as an associate of director Indiran and Malayalam director Yesudas. After waiting for nearly 13 years, at the insistence of my brother, who serves the Army, I floated this company, naming it after our family deity Halamma. Since it is a double-hero subject, I play one and Sanjay the other. As it’s a thriller from beginning to end, we didn’t want songs to affect the pace of the narration. The only song the film has comes at the beginning. I hope the film wins the appreciation of the audience.

Music director J. Raj: Director Kannan and I are classmates. I have cut several albums in the Badaga language and he liked one particular number I had scored and that’s ‘Kodi Kodi Asai’. He said he wanted it. When a good friend asked how could I refuse? So I remixed the whole thing and gave it to him. What I sang in the original, I sang here too.

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