NTR is back in form, after the accident and a surgery early this year, to entertain with his new film, ‘Adurs'.

When a dynamic star hero and a dynamic director join hands to please a wide section of the audience, the combo is called Adurs. That's the title registered by producer Vallabhaneni Vamsy Mohan for Vaishnavi Arts (P) Ltd.'s fun-filled and fast-paced action entertainer presented by Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao (Nani). NTR (he wouldn't like the tag junior to his name) and V.V. Vinayak have come together for the third time and Nayanatara and Sheela are the leading ladies in the film.

At the hugely spacious first floor at Annapurna Studios, art director Anand Sai has created a lavish pub set. Vinayak is about to wrap up the shooting of a pre-climax song sequence on the lead actors, choreographed by Prem Rakshith. Ace lensman Chota K. Naidu and his unit check the lighting pattern while the song tuned by Devi Sri Prasad blasts from the nagra. Besides N.T.R, Nayanatara and Sheela, there are dozens of male and female models and about 50 dancers gyrating with the actors.

NTR listens intently to the song so that he can give the exact lip synchronisation. The lines penned by Rama Jogiah's Sastry reads thus: Assalamalekum Assalamalekum Assale Ninnu Choosi Heart Beat Adurs… And Nayanatara replies, Assalamalekum Assalamalekum Assale Tiger Dhookuthunte Adurs… Sheela and the dancers join in the rendezvous.

NTR's fast paced twirls and turns defy the recent accident he met with during the election campaigning and the subsequent hip surgery he underwent. At that time one wondered whether the trained Kuchipudi dancer would be able to dance effortlessly like before. But the actor is back in form with dedication and determination, which he seems to have inherited from his legendary grandfather. Watching him dance to the song, there is no trace of the trauma following the surgery.

As NTR and the leading ladies dance to their heart's content, Mahesh Manjrekar and Ashish Vidyardhi enter the pub along with M. S. Narayana and Brahmanandam. The camera focuses on them when background music is played and shifts to the lead actors when the lyric begins.

The director reveals that NTR plays a dual role, as a Vaishnavite Brahmin and a stylish Don of sorts. Besides thrilling action scenes (composed by Ram-Lakshman and ‘Stun' Siva) and unexpected twists and turns generating curiosity (screenplay by Vinayak from a story by Kona Venkat), Vinayak promises hilarious entertainment featuring NTR and Brahmanandam. “If the film runs to 140 minutes, 90 minutes of screenspace is shared by the two,” he asserts.

The producers are planning to release the audio (two of the songs are shot in scenic locales in Europe) in the coming week. The film will have its world-wide release in the third week of December.