Having made her acting debut in Bollywood, with the film “Dil Maange More” in 2004, actor Soha Ali Khan, is all set once again to hit the big screen this Friday, with her new release, “Mr. Joe B Carvalho”. Recently in the Capital to promote this comedy, Soha talks about how her role is a little different from all other roles she had played in the past, about the film and other things.

Talk about your character in “Mr Joe B Carvalho”?

I play the role of a senior cop, named Shanti Priya Phadnis whose objective is to bust and solve crime. There is a particular assignment that she has been given, which is to track down and capture a world renowned assassin called Carlos. The film is a comedy of errors and mistaken identity. Shanti Priya takes her job as a cop very seriously, but the effect on screen will hopefully make people laugh.

Is it a clichéd character that you play in the film or does it have something different from other roles you have done before?

I have played a certain role, until now, which is reflective of my upbringing, as people always put me in these regal, composed and dignified roles. I am doing action, cabaret dances, wearing swimsuits, and doing things that I think, break away from my image. I find it interesting, because I think every actor fights against being typecast. The film is refreshing in terms of the sense of humour. Especially in recent times we have been seeing a certain kind of comedy, which is a little crass. I think this is a kind of film one can watch with the whole family.

Have you come out of your comfort zone for playing Shantipriya?

Yes, hugely. I have worn a bikini which is coming way out of my comfort zone, on screen. There is a certain baggage that comes with it, doing it on screen, which I was apprehensive to take on. But, then, in this film, it has been done with a certain amount of elegance. It also involves doing things that you haven’t done before. Whether it’s wearing a police uniform, taking on 20 goondas, or whether it’s doing a cabaret number, wearing certain outfits, or just playing a role, that is a little less inhibited.

You have been doing comedy roles in the past. But, what really intrigued about the script of “Mr. Joe B Carvalho”?

I think it was the role. I think that it was the fun behind the film. When I heard the script, I thought it would be so much fun, to be a part of this film, after an intense film like “Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns”. It was a breath of fresh air. The character had to wear fun costumes and do fun things, and therefore, doing this film was almost like a paid holiday for me.

What are your future projects?

The film that I finished shooting in January last year, “Chaarfutiya Chhokare”, which will be released soon, is a very small film. It has a very good script and again a very good role. The film, a social thriller, is about child prostitution, child trafficking.