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Updated: September 10, 2011 19:22 IST

Nenu Nana Abbadham - A hasty attempt

  • Y. Sunita Chowdhary
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'Nenu Nana Abaddam' suffers due to misappropriate cast
'Nenu Nana Abaddam' suffers due to misappropriate cast

Josh, a recent release showed why teenagers should stay away from love and concentrate on studies. This film is just the opposite, glorifying love that too of a boy and a girl who merely look like adults. It's true that love stories sell but it's pathetic to see a film maker weave story on adolescents, make them look old and speak dialogues that evoke anger and disgust. Divya Nagesh, a child artiste makes her debut as a heroine. There is no moral quandary, there is only haste in making her wear figure hugging clothes with low neck lines and run on beaches in transparent chiffons. Luckily for her, despite the clothes, the girl exuded only innocence and the boy freshness.

The film suffers due to inappropriate cast. An old man brings home Abhi (Divya) as a maid and gives her a lot of importance. This importance is shown through his eyes in such a terrible manner that one would think he is perverted and is lusting for her; the old man's son is indifferent and the daughter-in-law is angry with the developments. Abhi falls in love with a cobbler Kiran (Nandu) and the old man's son is ready to get them married, at this point the big twist arrives in the tale. It is revealed that Abhi is the old man's granddaughter and he kept her away from the family for 18 years due to astrological reasons and family mishap. Abhi's father who gives his consent for the wedding is now opposing her marriage and the most predictable stuff follows. A scene from the recent Amala Paul's Myna has been lifted to show the blooming romance but it gave away the artistic bankruptcy of the director.

A character finally says that children elope with boys who sell candy because they lack love and emotional security at home. Despite showering the children with love if they go to an extent of killing themselves, the parents are advised to give it a thought in other words succumb to the emotional blackmail. The hero shows what true love is when he burns a plant because the thorn pricks the heroine's foot. To make matters worse, Krishnudu comes as a saviour and unleashes some silly dialogues and rescues the eloping couple. Wait for the school girl like heroine to grow up, till then avoid her films strictly.

Nenu Nana Abbadham

Cast: Divya Nagesh, Nandu

Director: Govind Varha

Music Director: Chinni Charan

Genre: Romance

Plot:Two youngsters elope, return home, separate and again elope

Bottomline: An effort to recreate Kaadhal (Premiste) backfires

Keywords: Tollywood

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