Team Visions' Neeyum Naanum is the story of an arrogant school boy who fights with his classmate, and wants to win in a dance competition, by virtue of being the son of the school chairman. However, the school's dance master has other plans.

Surya (played by Sanjeev of Kuliur 100 Degree fame) joins as the dance teacher of the school owned by Sampath Kumar (Sampath), the chairman of a group of educational institutions. As the father, he wants only the best for his son Siddarth (Sachin). The economically weak Karthik (Rinson) is taken in by Sampath, as recommended by Surya.

When Karthik's mother falls ill, Karthik is determined to win a dance competition to bag the prize money, for her surgery. The rivalry between the two students gets intense. Meanwhile, Surya falls in love with Diya (Chethna), Sampath's relative, and the two help Karthik in his efforts.

Sanjeev has the looks and the talent to make it to the top. Chethna is fairly convincing, but there's scope for improvement. Both Rinson and Sachin have performed well. Sampath has rendered a satisfying performance. Manobala and Singamuthu provide a few laughs. Sriam Vijay's music is good, particularly the two songs written by Piraisoodan. Cameraman Premshanker has done justice to his job, while editor Ashokmetha's work is adequate.

Director Solairaja has worked a lot on television, and still has a long way to go in films. But, his effort in portraying school children, and their life, with its share of egos and friendships, is commendable.


Genre: Drama

Director: S.V. Solairaja

Cast: Sanjeev, Chethna, Sampath Kumar, masters Rinson and Sachin, Singamuthu, Manobala and Vathan

Storyline: Two school boys fight, and the one that works hard

Bottomline: Looks like a dancing competition on a television channel