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Updated: September 25, 2012 14:54 IST

Nandeeswarudu: Why this kolaveri?

Y. Sunita Chowdhary
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A still from 'Nandeeswarudu'
A still from 'Nandeeswarudu'

This is the hero's first major project and going by the interviews given by the cast and the crew, one really walks into the theatre expecting certain amount of mind and matter in the film. There is, however, nothing special about the way it's been crafted; the director follows the script of Deadly Soma faithfully with just a few minute changes here and there.

The major setback arrives when the director fails to elicit any emotions from his actor. The first half shows him to be a soft, docile human and post-interval the character is supposed to take a serious turn with Tarak Ratna turning violent. Here the fire goes missing and the hero oscillates between being soft and tough. He does look convincing as a college student but later on the designer moustache he sports makes him look a tad dramatic. An attempt is also made to remind audience of his lineage that revels in wielding the sword.

Nandeeswarudu begins on a lazy note but what jolts you out of your lethargy is a rape of a middle aged woman; from thereonthe violence keeps you awake. A boy's hand is severed; a woman is tortured and her hair is snipped; spears and weapons are pushed into her body parts. Ajay plays the villain with a strange quirk; he kills people and then announces two-minute mourning for the departed soul, followed by a recitation of a verse from the Bhagavat Gita.

The only entertainment is in the form of a cop played by Jagapati Babu, by eating chocolate bars dipped in tea (wonder whose weird idea this is) and having only half his shirt tucked in. He keeps the audience interested as long as he is on screen. Sheena's role is absolute zero and she looks tiny besides the hero. Suman and Sita are Tarak Ratna's parents and they make a smart couple.

The story is about a student who is compelled to take up arms to protect the people from the villain's atrocities; Jagapati Babu enters to control this student but later not only allows him his freedom but makes him a cop. Tarak Ratna takes the cake in the last 20 minutes of the film by going on a killing spree and is the rewarded a cop's job to wipe out atrocities in Bihar now that Andhra Pradesh is squeaky clean.


Cast: Tarak Ratna, Sheena

Direction: Srinivas Yarajala

Genre: Action

Music: Partha Sarathy

Plot: A young man takes up arms provoked by bestiality.

Bottomline: A violent tale that doesn't make an impact.

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