500 Days Of Summer

Marc Webb

A refreshing comedy about the memories of a young architect and his love for Summer, his girl, the film has elements of humour, soul-stirring music and is clever and offbeat. A sleeper hit that kept the cash registers ringing, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt give this film their all.

The Silence Of The Lambs

Jonathan Demme

A psychological suspense thriller from the kitty of ace director Jonathan Demme, this film went on to conquer the Oscars and set the bench-mark for suspense films. The ensemble cast including the ever-terrorising Lector impeccably portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster and Ted Levine seemed to deliver their bests. Foster, as the spirited agent tailing the quest of cracking the case was the cynosure of the movie. A solid plot with rapid sequencing and anger, suspense and crime worked well.

Dead Poet’s Society

Peter Weir

Chronicling the life of a revolutionary teacher, the film drew mixed responses. Robin Williams, known as Hollywood’s funnyman, extends his forte to serious drama in this film, thus displaying versatility. Williams imparts the message of Carpe Diem to his students, kindles their spirits, and is embroiled in a controversy. The fitting end crowns the movie.

Life Is Beautiful

Roberto Benigni

This is a tragic-comedy that captures the spirit of survival in a Nazi concentration camp. Benigni wielded the director’s baton and also played the hero of the film. He conjures up a game to mask the truth from his little son when they are incarcerated. The stellar performances essayed by Benigni, Giorgio Cantarini, and Nicoletta Braschi helped in earning the Academy awards. The film mirrors the spirit of survival and is definitely a jewel among world cinema.

Sivaji, The Boss


Arguably, Shankar’s magnum-opus, this Rajnikanth-starrer took on the issue of corruption and black money. Replete with well-orchestrated stunt feats it also boasts of a parallel comedy track. The background score composed by Rahman added to the must-watch quotient.

Films that almost made it

To Kill A Mockingbird- Robert Mulligan

Miss Congeniality- Donald Petrie

A Beautiful Mind – Ron Howard

Millions – Danny Boyle

Samyuktha is a hardcore movie fan and science fiction book enthusiast based in Chennai. She is currently studying business.