Into the Wild

Sean Penn

This is a biography, starring Emilie Hirsch, which traces the life journey of Chris McCandless. After abandoning his father’s empire along with his fortune, Chris, walks into the wild. The film showcases his travel where he meets people who shape his life. The journey, which is beautiful, meets a tragic end, leaving us in deep grief. The lines voiced in the background, by the protagonist emote his feelings all through. Directed by Oscar nominee and one of my favourite actors, Sean Penn, this is one movie that will inspire you, make you cry, move you and make you realise how beautiful life is.

Before Sunset

Richard Linklater

This film, a sequel to the movie Before Sunrise (1995) is the story of Jesse and Celine who meet nine years after their unusual one day romance in Vienna, when they met on a train. Thescreenplay is full of definitive conversations between the lead pair on random subjects. Perfectly written and executed, the movie consists only of two characters (Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply) and everything takes place in a single day. The film also sports some scenic locations and great cinematography.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

David Fincher

Every time I watch this movie, I get the pleasure of reading a nice heart-warming book. Such is the feel that Fincher’s adaptation of Fitzgerald’s short story gives you. Though the film is quite lengthy, the screenplay and the Oscar-worthy performances from both Pitt and Blanchett, make it worthwhile. Then, there is the makeup which astonishes you every few minutes when Pitt and Cate both time travel in the opposite direction.

City of God

(Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund)

This film deals with life in the violent streets of Rio. Each character in the film is etched so genuinely and each contributes significantly to the plot. Set in Rio de Janeiro and based on a true story, this movie showcases the transition of the city from the 1960s to the 1980s with excellent cinematography.


(Nacho Vigalondo)

Timecrimes is one of the most rewarding thrillers based on time travel. The story, spun masterfully around a man who runs around 90 minutes of his life again and again on a particular day can be quite confusing. Then at the end, everything falls in its place and we get the idea that nothing has changed over time. Those that almost made it

Motorcycle Diaries: Walter Salles

Departed: Martin Scorsese

Following: Christopher Nolan

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Guy Ritchie

Aadukalam: Vetrimaran

Vishnu Prakash P. is a student of instrumentation at GCT, Coimbatore. Watching world cinema is his favourite pastime.