I served the King of England

Jiri Menzel

This 2006 Czech film talks about WWII and Communism with a neutral and humorous touch. Aesthetically shot, the film is a celebration of the human spirit and is the charming story of people who've lived through the war with a bittersweet acceptance of their fates.

The way home

Lee Jeong Hyang

This Korean film is a sincere narration on a relationship between two generations. With just two main characters, a city boy and his speech-impaired rural grandmother, the filmmaker portrays an unusually warm story. The film relies more on visuals than dialogues and plays out so evenly that in the end you sympathise with both characters.

Children of heaven

Majid Majidi

This much-loved Iranian film about children has amazing acting by the two child artistes. The running competition in the end will put you on the edge of the seat even though the film is not a thriller. It reflects on the lives of commoners in Iran without making sweeping statements.


Milos Forman

What do you do when you hate someone but adore his works? This extraordinary situation is the crux of this Oscar-winning musical which has one of the best acting performances by F. Murray Abraham. The icing on the cake is the music. A story not only of a musical genius, it is also an account of the court intricacies of Mozart's time.

Shatranj ke khiladi

Satyajit Ray

This is one of the best examples of a film adapted from a story. Munshi Premchand's story ends tragically but Ray with a touch of genius turned the ending around to make it happy. Set on the eve of the revolt of 1857 this is one film that makes watching history unfold interesting.

Those that almost made it

Lives of Others: Florian Henckel von Donnersmark

The Sound of Music: Robert Wise

Men of Honour: George Tillman Jr.

Monsoon Wedding: Mira Nair

Rashomon: Akira Kurosawa

(Remya Roshni is a former IPS officer who now trains Civil Services aspirants. She loves watching films and listening to music of all genres.)