There's a regular buzz surrounding Raavan. Information keeps rolling in from unofficial or ‘please-don't-quote-me' sources about the movie, but you can't get a word out of the man with the megaphone. Ask Mani Ratnam how the film is shaping up, and all he says is: “Raavan is coming soon.” Ask him what parallels he draws between the mythological and modern-day Raavan, and the answer is: “Let Raavan be complete, and he will tell you.”

But then, Mani sure doesn't need any pre-release publicity for Raavan; his films do all the talking throughout the making, and after!

Balancing act

Bharath is catching his breath after a hectic schedule in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for the song sequences of Thambikku Inda Ooru. “Thambikku Inda Ooru is almost complete and Tiruttani is about 50 per cent complete. After Kandein Kadhalai, my image has taken a different dimension, and Thambikku…. will see me in a stylish role too. However, the script is very different from Kandein Kadhalai. While I romance Sana Khan for the better part of the film, newcomer Madashah plays my romantic interest when my character lives abroad. With such varied roles, I am able to cater to my audience in both urban and rural areas,” says Bharath.

Friends forever

Director Shakti Chidambaram’s Guru Shishyan stars Sundar C and Sathyaraj with Sruthi Prakash as heroine. The film deals with problems that separate the best of friends, and how they regain their lost camaraderie. Kiran plays an important role. Also, Dheena has remixed a song from an old film, Bhadrakali – ‘Vaangonaa’ – and it has been picturised on Sundar C, Sathyaraj and her.