Celina's guru

Celina Jaitley, a self-confessed sishya of the renowned author Paulo Coelho, says, “I don't think Coelho even knows he is my guru. But he understands human psychology on a very philosophical level. He has been a motivator. He has always written about how to follow your dreams. And I have done that all my life. Being a girl who grew up in Kashmir and had never been to a big city, I had no idea I would be where I am today.”

When asked to name her favourite Coelho book, she giggles, “Given my single status, it has to be ‘Brida', which is about finding your soul mate. Everyone who is single and looking for his/her soul mate should read it too.”

A pioneer in his own right

Vanity vans have become a status symbol for Bollywood stars — the bigger the star, the flashier the van. And the man who pioneered the trend of owning a trailer is none other than Vinod Khanna, the Seventies-Eighties megastar. The star says, “I was the first to introduce vanity vans when I returned from America. I had seen them when I visited the Hollywood studios. I made my van in 1987 and everyone copied it. My van wasn't very big but it was beautifully done up. Thereafter, everyone started making bigger and bigger vans.”

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