Writer Rajasimha makes his directorial debut

Another writer will soon make his debut as a director. Though Rajasimha hails from Vuyyuru in Vijayawada, he was in Tirupati spending a major part of his life as a professional ventriloquist.

How did his brush with cinema happen? “Director K. Vishwanath saw one of my shows and gave me the role of a person who teaches Venkatesh ventriloquism in Chinnabbayi. Also on the sets of Preminchukundam Raa, producer Suresh Babu gave me a scene to think and write. I couldn’t and got into a bus and headed to Vijayawada. Suddenly a thought flashed and I returned to Karamchedu and narrated the scene. That’s when Suresh Babu gave me an opportunity to become a writer. I started contributing for some scenes in Bavagaru Bagunnara, Takkari Donga, Manasantha Nuvve and became an assistant director. Paruchuri brothers advised me to join them as an associate writer and I did.”

Rajasimha reveals an interesting aspect of being a ghost writer — he says when one works in the shadow of a popular writer, the person tends to gain confidence. There is nothing wrong in the popular writers taking credit for the work done as it is the only time when we can assess our worth and where we stand and it boosts our confidence to be independent writers later on. He adds, “Writing is a creative job, even if you write a few scenes for a movie, people will know that you did it because it is a small world here and you get work. But when one becomes an independent writer the emphasis should be on getting credit on screen. I worked with Paruchuri brothers before, they gave me a bike, good salary and gave me no cause for complaint.” On why it took him so long to move to direction, he says most writers have the same goal, but the route they take up and the mode they travel is different. “I worked here for 16 years but things didn’t fall in place when I had the subject ready. My films were announced thrice but didn’t go on to the sets, so I had to revert to writing to support myself. Despite having many stories I resolved to become a director with this particular story. These days getting a producer for a project and travelling with him sans differences is quite a task.”