After playing hero and villain, ‘Power Star’ Srinivasan finds his niche as a ‘character-comedian’

Ever since comedian Santhanam handed over a laddoo to Srinivasan, his life has never been the same. Even his unusual title, ‘Power Star’, has attained more brilliance. After ten films, Srinivasan’s role in Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya has catapulted him to the most-wanted category of ‘character-comedians’. “When Santhanam approached me for KLTA, I had no clue about my role. I trusted him to give me a meaningful role, as he was also the producer of the film. To my delight, when we started shooting in Kumbakonam, I found mine was a funny and interesting role, and life has been one big roller-coaster ride ever since,” says Srinivasan.

Every once in a while, a new star appears in the galaxy, promptly noted and named by our astronomers and astro-scientists. Quite often, these are mere shooting stars or falling stars; some even turn out to be meteors that crash-land on earth. But, for Srinivasan, an acupuncture specialist, following his dream enabled him to land a role in Unakkaga Oru Kavithai. Four films later, his career hadn’t picked up. “That’s when I decided to produce, direct and act in Lathika which ran for 220 days! It was at the film’s audio release function that political leader Tirumavalavan conferred the title ‘Power Star’ on me,” remembers Srinivasan. Since then, his star has been on the ascendant.

After playing hero and villain roles, Srinivasan seems to have settled down quite well in humorous roles. “I have no qualms about playing any character, as long as the role makes sense to me. I am here to entertain and if viewers like what they see, who am I to be choosy?” asks Srinivasan.

This year is indeed a busy one for Srinivasan. He is shaking a leg to an item number in Azhagan Azhagi, teaming up with Shiva and Santhanam in Ya Ya and awaiting the start of Summa Nachunu Irukku. “Besides, I have committed myself to doing a film with Ramanarayan and Ritheesh,” says Srinivasan.

Ask him what his aim is, and he says, “To reach the top of the galaxy, among the stars. My role model is the Super Star himself.”