Prasanth Murali’s Paisa Paisa focusses on the domino effect of money on a group of people.

The shooting of debutant director Prasanth Murali’s Paisa Paisa is on at a modest-looking house in a packed colony at Thammanam near Kochi. Indrajith, Mamta Mohandas, Aju Varghese, Daniel Balaji and Kadhal Sandhya are the actors.

The sun has set and the streetlights lend the surroundings a mysterious glow. After giving his crew instructions regarding the next shot, the director explains the storyline.

“This story happens at two different locations, Chennai and Kochi, over a period of three hours. How certain events that take place in the lives of a few are all interlinked, make it exciting. Changing facets of relationships, friendship and romance, all become part of the narrative,” says Prasanth, who has assisted V.K. Prakash in his ad films.

Balu (Aju Varghese), who is desperately seeking a job, goes to Chennai for an interview. He, however, lands in deep water and is in need of some money urgently.

Although it is not a large sum of money, getting it within the stipulated time turns out to be an unexpectedly daunting task for him and his friend Kishore (Indrajith), an ad filmmaker based in Kochi. Meanwhile, Kishore is going through a tumultuous marriage. His wife, Surya (Mamta Mohandas) and inadvertently, a few more lives too become part of this story.

“There are moments in life when we realise that what we had believed until then is far from the truth. I can’t reveal more about the plot as there is some suspense involved,” says Prasanth, who has co-written the script with Rajesh Varma. Indrajith, sporting a beard, comes out of his caravan to join the action.

The actor is delighted that his role as Father Vattoli in Amen has been well received. “Earlier, I used to be called Eapen Pappachi, the name of my character in Meesa Madhavan. Now, most people address me as Father Vattoli. The priest’s dance steps have become a rage and I have performed a couple of steps in the recent AMMA show,” he smiles.

Paisa Paisa is being produced under the banner of Celebs and Red Carpet. Kishore Mani is the cinematographer and Aby Salvin is the music director. Still photography is by Anas.