ON LOCATION Produced by Raja Rajeswari Srinivasa Reddy, Lucky is slated for release in October

Debut director Hari from the New York Film School was filming a key scene on lead stars Srikanth and Meghana with a host of other actors playing patients, doctors and hospital staff at the hospital set in Ramoji Film City. Observing the scene being shot by cinematographer V. Srinivasa Reddy, one gets the feeling that the vibes are not positive between the lead pair.

Lakshmi Narasimham (played by Srikanth) is the most eligible bachelor in town. But the hitch is that he hates women. A couple of incidents in his life made him come to the conclusion that women are the root cause of all worries of men. Besides, he also hates being called ‘Lakshmi’ his pet name, simply because it is a girl’s name. So he changes his name to Lucky.

The name change also brings him some luck, discloses director Hari during a conversation after he completed the shoot. “Whether at work, home or on the road whenever he confronts women, he gets disturbed. However minute the incident might be, he views it with a magnified look. Lucky is a frustrated angry man ready to blow up any time. For all practical purposes, he is psychologically programmed to think that women are born to torture men. And he does meet a couple of characters in life who ruin the life of men. This makes him all the more frustrated. The issue from his angle may look serious but on screen it is narrated with light banter and entertains viewers to the hilt,” smiles Hari.

“But life is not always the same. During his life’s journey he finds the antidote to hate and undergoes a change of heart towards women. How this happens is the interesting twist to the tale,” says Hari, keeping us guessing.

Apart from playing the complex character, Srikanth also crooned a song, his first in a chequered career of over 110 films. “The audio has come out very nicely and we shot the song at three different locations in Hyderabad,” says Hari.

Before joining the New York Film School for his graduation in filmmaking, Hari had worked with the American Express, SAP and CTS in USA. “I was always fascinated by cinema,” says the debutante.

He has an able chief co-director Gandhi to steer the project. The impressive star cast includes Jayasudha, Roja, Sana, Hema, Brahmanandam, Ali, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, M.S. Narayana, Raghubabu, ‘Thagubothu’ Ramesh, Dhanraj, Venu and others.

“Lucky is a funny, sensible, entertaining and touching film. It is about the opportunities to choose happiness, no matter what state of our life is. Lucky is about positive thinking. Finally, it is about understanding and respecting women,” signs off Hari.

Produced by Raja Rajeswari Srinivasa Reddy, the movie is slated for release in October.


Cast: Srikanth, Meghana Raj

Writer, Director: Hari

Music: Sai Karthic

Banner: Raja Rajeswari Pictures