Movie: Goa

Cast: Jai, Premji, Vaibhav, Sneha, Piya, Sampath

Venkat Prabhu may be just a couple of films old but he and his regular band of merry men have been able to carve out a definitive brand name for themselves. Perhaps this is one team which is incapable of being weighed down by expectations as they have never really meant their films to be taken too seriously and have too much of a blast making them, to really care. This works both in a positive way and otherwise for the film.

Shallow plot

An out and out holiday film “Goa” uses an excuse for a plot to indulge the viewers into the lazy, devil-may-care, merry Goan lifestyle. Three good-for-nothing, trouble-causing village bumpkins, fed up of their monotonous life decide to run away from their homes to seek their fortune and settle down by marrying white women found aplenty in Goa. Though the movie takes off very well on a fresh note, after a point, the aimlessness of the plot does get to you.

Venkat Prabhu has always revelled in situational humour and “Goa” is no different. Among the lead men Premji is, by some distance, the show-stealer. The manner in which he robs famous lines uttered by top heroes in other movies and uses them in apt situations is sure to bring the house down. Indeed one of Venkat's trademarks is to spoof well known dialogues and scenes in situations of his own and he gleefully continues the trend in this one too, sparing none, including himself!

The leading ladies scorch the screens but the scenes involving Sneha seem totally needless and spoil the tempo of the film. Also the second half seems too stretched and makes you stifle a yawn. Apart from Premji yet another show stealer is, without a doubt, Yuvan. The background score is just perfect and he has come up with one of his best albums in recent times. Cinematography captures the one stop holiday destination in all its glory.

Bottomline: “Goa” might not be as good as Venkat's earlier two flicks, but is worth a watch.

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