The man who shot to fame with television and has a permanent Bollywood address is known to attach importance to the script of the films he’s working on. Rajiv Khandelwal says the medium doesn’t matter to him; it is the project that interests or doesn’t. The actor who hails from Jaipur has donned several roles on television, from the charming Sujal in “Kahiin to Hoga” to anchoring two seasons of “Sach ka Saamna”. The actor whose film “Table no. 21” got a lukewarm response at the box office, has three films due for release this year. Excerpts from an interview:

Having been on the small screen and the big screen, which one does your heart throb for?

My heart throbs for interesting projects. Projects that help me grow as an actor and give something new to the viewers. The medium does not matter as much, as both the mediums are at par with each other. Also, my job is to entertain viewers through my acting skills, not through the medium.

Taking into account the films you’ve worked in so far, would you call yourself a versatile actor?

I can’t comment on myself but I would surely love to be known as a versatile actor. I do not pick up films with a plan in my head. I just go by my instincts.

Will there be season three of “Sach ka Saamna” anytime season 3 soon?

I have no idea about “Sach ka Saamna” season three, except that people keep asking me when it is coming.

How do you manage the female fan following?

I don’t manage the female following, I just thank my stars. On a serious note, I have never taken adulation seriously as I am aware that it is not for me. It is for the image they have in their mind. I am just a caretaker of the Rajeev they love.

Among the characters you’ve portrayed in films, which one do you relate to the most?

I see a bit of Rajeev in all the characters. It is difficult to pick one as all the characters I have played till date are relatable characters. There is a bit of Raunak, Aamir, Arvind Mathur and Vivaan in me. I am sure by next year there will be a few more.