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Updated: November 20, 2011 16:29 IST

Mature love, immature script

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Touted as tender lover story,Achu Mechu is a torture to sit through despite the presence Tarun Chandra and Archana Gupta in the cast. The film is badly let down by the storyline and screenplay though its theme is ageless: love unbound by age.

Many directors have successfully explored the blossoming of mature love — Kavitha Lankesh's Preethi Prema Pranaya immediately comes to mind. But Achu Mechu can well be described as a jarring attempt at best.

The film revolves around Vijay (Tarun) and Shraddha (Archana Gupta) who fall in love after the usual illogical fights.

Their professor, Purushottam (Achyut Kumar) who believes in astrology, starts accepting as true every nonsense uttered by Vijay. The older man, who once loved and lost, now seeks romance.

Initially Vijay leads him up the garden path but then tries to hitch him up with a widow he fancies.

There is a twist at this juncture and enough comedy towards the end.

With an abysmal script, the actors don't have much scope. Only Achyut Kumar manages to come up with a decent performance.

Achu Mechu (Kannada)

Cast: Tarun, Archana Gupta, Achyuth Kumar, Veena Sunder, Sadhu Kokila, Shobaraj

Director: Himayath Khan


Kannada Cinema ReviewsNovember 6, 2011

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