INTERVIEW After lighting up the big screen with his dance, Hrithik Roshan sets the small screen on fire with his lively jives…

Hrithik Roshan, who appears for the first time on Indian television as a judge on ‘Just Dance,' talks about his passion for dance and what made him emotional.

You are doing films (Agneepath, Krrish 2) and also a TV show, ‘Just Dance'. Has this upset your schedule?

Yes, it does affect my film schedule but, according to me, a successful man is not measured by his money, fame or success, but how he manages his time. If you are a slave to your time, then you are not successful. A person is successful when he can fulfil all his desires by managing time. And time management is something I am still learning.

How much time do you allot to a particular role or dance?

I believe in doing my job perfectly; I don't restrict my work according to my time. I keep trying until I get a particular thing right.

We heard that you grew very emotional at the ‘Just Dance' auditions, and also cried. What was so touching?

I never thought I would be so emotional; I didn't have any idea that I would get so attached with all the contestants from the first episode of this dance show. All I could do was to give them my number and ask them to call me when they need me; and I will try my best to do the needful.

Winners of most TV reality shows do not make it to the film industry…

The grand prize of this show is Rs. 1 crore and a car. Besides, the winner gets a chance to do a video with me. This is great because money can be spent, but a music video will remain with you forever as a memory. I think it's innovative and can become the contestant's show reel that can help take his talent further.

You said dance is the maddest form of enjoyment. Do you think dance is madness?

For me, madness is passion for a particular thing.

Can you choreograph a dance?

Understanding dance is one of God's many gifts to humans. But then, visualising or choreographing it is a creative art which I can never do. I can dance well but if you ask me to choreograph or visualise I will have to go to a person like Vaibhavi or Farah. Every single dancer in the world will bow down to a choreographer and respect the person who can visualise dance because that's a greater art.

Which form of dance is difficult for you?

Every dance form is difficult for me. When it comes to rehearsals, I start from scratch. If I feel I can't do something, then the learning process starts. I keep rehearsing and finally the shot comes right. I am no God of dance; I am just a happy person and through my dance I have become a symbol. I would say I am not the best dancer in the country.

What was it like shooting the first video for ‘Just Dance'?

Since the last six years, I have been trying hard to dance in my movies but couldn't — neither in Jodhaa Akbar nor in Guzaarish. This music video is a dream come true … when I got a chance to dance, I grabbed it because my movies don't allow me much scope to dance. My dream of having a definitive dance video has come true.

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