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Updated: October 1, 2009 17:03 IST

Masala movie with a message

s. r. ashok kumar
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CAMPUS CAPER Sooriyan Satta Kalloori
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CAMPUS CAPER Sooriyan Satta Kalloori

The soulful music of Deva, good acting by Radha Ravi and enchanting visuals by U. K. Senthil Kumar make S.S.Movie Makers’ Sooriyan Satta Kalloori, worth watching.

Sooriyan Satta Kalloori has a message for the audience, especially students. Its purpose is to highlight the fact that a college, which is an institution of education, is a temple... that is, a temple of learning. And corruption or unruly behaviour finds no place in its sanctum. This notion has been developed into a film, produced by Sivasakthi Pandian and directed by R. Pavan.

Kalai Selvan joins a college, where Sooriyan (the hero) is a student. As the student leader, Sooriyan is an embodiment of all that’s good, while Kalai Selvan is just the opposite. Now the script follows the formula of how good overcomes the bad, with a generous smattering of all commercial elements.

The story, written by producer Sivasakthi Pandian, is welcome because of its message. The screenplay by the director has many loose ends that leave a lot of questions unanswered such as why the villain joins the college and what drives him to do the bad things he does.

New-find Gajani as Sooriyan has still to learn the ropes about acting. But Pavan gets a double promotion with a dual role in the film. As the roles do not give much scope for fleshing out the two different characters either through expression or body language, Pavan works hard to bring out the different facets and he does succeed in his effort.

Radha Ravi, with his experience, has done the role of the Principal with ease. The moment when he informs his students that he has resigned his job is particularly poignant. ‘Ganja’ Karuppu as Idithangi and M. S. Bhasker as Sama Iyer make the audience laugh every now and then. Harthi as Booma is convincing. Mithra as (Maha) Lakshmi, Sooriyan’s sweetheart, does her part well.

Deva’s background score is wonderful and his voice is best suited for the song ‘Kadhal Pannaporiya,’ written by Kabilan. The other melodious song is ‘Guru Bramha,’ sung by Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam. The lyrics of this song is meaningful and praises the excellent job done by the teachers. U. K. Senthil Kumar’s camera work is commendable, but Surajkavi should have worked more to make the film crisper. The dialogue is by R. Pavan.

Sooriyan Satta Kalloori

Genre: Drama

Director: R. Pavan

Cast: Gajini, Mithra, Pavan, ‘Ganja’ Karuppu, Radha Ravi, M.S.Bhaskar, Harathi, ‘Kadhal’ Sukumar.

Storyline: Student leader wants to keep the college clear of corruption and unruly behaviour.

Bottomline: It has all the commercial ingredients.

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