Director Arun Kumar Aravind steps up the game with his new film Left Right Left.

They come marching back to the silver screen once again with a film that they say “is an ordinary story told in an extraordinary way”. After wowing audiences with a story of six ordinary people who get caught up in some extraordinary events in Ee Adutha Kaalathu, the enviable combination that is director Arun Kumar Aravind, actor-writer Murali Gopy and actor Indrajith returns with their new film Left Right Right. The film will release in theatres today.

“I think Murali and I as a team work because we have the same outlook. And that’s not only towards cinema but to life itself. We like almost the same type of films. Ever since we worked together in Ee Adutha…, we have grown to be the best of friends. We hang out together, we often discuss movies and everything under the sun together, and we argue together too. All of this reflects in our films. Now add all that to the genius that is Indrajith, who incidentally shares our same outlook towards cinema, and you’ve got, if I may say so, a winning combination!” says Arun, with a laugh.

The editor-turned-director first stirred up Mollywood with Cocktail, back in 2010, and was one of the first filmmakers to set off what one now terms ‘new-generation cinema’.

Now, Arun says he’s all set to stir our thoughts on contemporary political and social issues with Left Right Left. “These are issues that we are all aware of; issues that are there at the back of our minds; issues which we would have perhaps thought – even fleetingly – about doing something to change the status quo. But things that we have done nothing about,” explains Arun, rather cryptically. The title, meanwhile, signifies the way forward. “Whatever may come, life always marches on ahead. Left right left is the one rhythm that we can follow by instinct. Also, it can suggest the idea of every one and every thing falling into line,” explains Arun. Politics is the backdrop of Left Right Left. However, Arun is quick to stress that “politics is just a part of the narrative as is action. There is a thriller element to it too,” he says.

Left Right Left moves through the lives of three people. ‘Che Guevara’ Roy Joseph (Murali), is a former political activist. He now teaches at an orphanage and is a paralytic. P.K. Jayan a.k.a. ‘Vattu Jayan’ (Indrajith), meanwhile, is a hot-headed sub-inspector of police. Then there is Kaitheri Sahadevan played by Hareesh Peradi, the charismatic leader of a political party. Murali has written the story, screenplay, and dialogues (he wrote Ee Adutha… too). The personalities of the three lead characters are shaped by their traumatic childhood.

Left Right Left also unfolds through the lives of Jennifer (Remya Nambhessan), an ambitious nurse with shades of grey, Anitha (Lena), Roy’s wife, who is a teacher of journalism and strong willed, Deepa (Anushree), a homemaker and mother of two who runs a shop. Sreejith Ravi, Baiju, Karamana Sudheer, Vijayaraghavan, and Saiju Kurup also play important roles.

Arun can’t stop gushing about his cast. “Indrajith read the character perfectly. As always, he is amazing as Vattu Jayan. Murali, meanwhile, lived the character of the intense Roy. Remya pulled off her part brilliantly as did Anushree as a typical Malayali woman from a poor family, who is struggling to raise her kids…. The right casting is as equally important as the content, I feel,” says Arun.

Left Right Left has been produced by M. Renjith under the banner of Rejaputhra Visual Media. Young cinematographer Shehnad Jalal and music director Gopi Sundar too are back with the group for the film.