Soha Ali Khan on her latest release War Chhod Na Yaar and upcoming films

Soha Ali Khan says that not doing enough films isn’t a conscious choice. “I am just not being offered the kind of scripts I think I need to work on,” says Soha candidly. “I am also a little cautious after having made a few mistakes in the past. I don’t sign everything that comes my way.” The actress has two films coming up apart from last week’s release, War Chhod Na Yaar. “Let’s call it good luck!” she laughs.

A satire on the India-Pakistan war-like situation, War Chhod Na Yaar, directed by Faraz Haider, has Soha playing a war correspondent. “The film works on layers. You have to watch it to see how wonderfully it is done. There is a rather nuanced relationship between the officers from the Indian and Pakistani sides. A comedy of this sort — a satire that’s not just relevant, but also one that offers a practical solution, is quite challenging to make.”

Zany role

Next up for the actress is a zany role in a comic caper called Jo Bhi Karva Lo, where she plays a cop called Shantipriya Phadnis. “I was totally sold on the idea the moment they told me I’d have to beat up eight baddies in my introductory scene! It’s kind of unbelievable that they thought of me but I was thrilled to do all that action. I would love to do more action films,” she says, adding, “the film is the craziest I have done till date. I don’t think I have worn one normal costume in it; instead, there is everything from a towel to a cabaret dress to a gown and a swimsuit!”

Soha is only too happy to not do weepy roles at the moment. “I usually get stuck in roles where my fiancé is dying, and I think it’s depressing, though I like doing serious films. I think comedies are wonderful, I’d recommend them highly!” However, her next film Chaarfutiya Chhokare is on child trafficking and abuse. Soha has shot with three 13-year-old impoverished children for this role. “Manish Harishankar who was the assistant director to Rajkumar Santoshi has directed this film which deals with child prostitution and child labour. There is no ‘hero’ in the film,” she smiles, indicating that it could be a tough road for this social thriller.


War Chhod Na Yaar: Boys with toysOctober 12, 2013