He's been around for long. But Subbu Panchu's role in Boss (a) Baskaran has won him accolades

As an actor, the attention-drawing role in Boss (a) Baskaran has been a turning point for Subbu Panchu, but he has other facets too — viz., producer (from the imposing lineage of Panchu Arunachalam whose PA Art Productions has made more than 50 films), CEO of actor Radhika's firm, Radaan, and more. Subbu's entry into acting was as a seven-year old, when he played a comic role in the Malayalam film, Daisy, directed by Pratap Pothen.

Writer Panchu Arunachalam, Subbu's dad, has given us a plethora of hits with both Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. And from Guru Sishyan to Maaya Kannaadi, son Subbu has been a part of the productions. It was Subbu who introduced Jyotika in Tamil, and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja — Poovellaam Kaettu Paar marked the debut of the two.

When writer-director Samudirakani began work on the daily soap, ‘ Arasi,' he suggested that Subbu play the villain in it. “That was when I was extremely busy with Maaya Kannaadi. But Kani convinced me and the character was such a hit that my role got extended,” says Subbu.

After trying out 150 voices, director Shankar selected Subbu to dub for Suman in Sivaji. “Cinema in any form is fine with me,” he smiles. You must have heard Subbu's voice in Kandaswamy too — he has spoken for Mukesh Tiwari in both the Tamil and Telugu versions of the film.

Sivasri Srinivasan who made Boss (a) Baskaran is a friend — a casual phone call and Subbu was roped in to play ‘Boss's brother Saravanan. Only when director Rajesh said he needed 25 days from me did I realise that I was playing a substantial role in the film. And the response has been incredible.” Soon Subbu will be announcing his next project as producer. Meanwhile, he's working in Thoonga Nagaram and Aanmai Thavarael.

He talks about his highs and lows with equal cheer! “‘In cinema, you are bound to see more disappointments than successes. If you can't handle both with equanimity, don't get into it' was my dad's advice. I follow it” is Subbu's stoic stand.