The Tamil film ?Maa?, made by the differently abled, is all set to enter the Limca Book of Records this year

For the first time in Tamil cinema history, a movie titled ?Maa? has been made with a team of alternately abled individuals, and is all set to enter the Limca Book of Records for the year 2010.

Dr. TMN Deepak, vice-president of the Tamil Nadu Handicapped Federation, plays the male lead. He says, ?The film has an important message about public participation and recognition of disabled individuals in every department of society as well as the government.?

The film is directed by Fathima Beevi, who is wheelchair bound. She is extremely grateful for the role the media has played towards encouraging the ?Maa? team. She says, ?From the day the movie was launched till its completion, it was the media which helped us get this far. Initially, the team was worried if the film would make it to the screens, but now I sincerely hope it runs for 100 days.?

Choreographer Amudha Rajini, who is polio-affected, took up the assignment as a challenge. ?I removed the element of pity when I worked with the team, because I wanted everyone to know that we are no less than others. I also want the audience to understand that even physically challenged individuals can dance. Getting everyone to follow the rhythm was a task, but worth the effort.?

G. Karthik who has been vision impaired since he was 11 has scored the music. The director had to explain every scene in detail before he began recording. Costume designer Devi does not have a right limb, but ironed all the clothes for the actors with her left hand during the entire shooting schedule.

The film has been shot on a budget of Rs.1.5 crore. Says producer Madan Gabriel, ?All the money invested in the film has been borrowed. But we have well wishers such as Abirami Ramanathan and PVR Palaniappan, and we are releasing the film on May 14 in 30 theatres across the world.?

Visual effects to the tune of Rs. 5 lakh at the post-production stage has been contributed free by Image. Dr. Deepak's heart-rending performance, the music and the hard work of the entire team (who were brought together from villages and small towns across Tamil Nadu) are the highlights of the movie.

The story revolves around a man whose legs are disabled. When he falls for a girl and proposes to her, there are several obstacles he has to face. How the girl accepts him forms the rest of the story.

The Tamil Nadu Handicapped Federation will also be applying to the Guinness World Records this year.