Srivaru Films' Odipolama, produced by V.Bharani and directed by newcomer Kanmani, is a fun film with some messages thrown in for the youth.

It's love at first sight for Visu (Parimal) when he meets Anjali (Sandhya). Trying to get close to her, he persuades his mother to shift their residence to the apartment where she stays. Without Anjali's knowledge, he collects the things discarded by her and preserves them. When he expresses his love to her, she says he should possess a good academic background. So, he studies day and night to get better grades at college.

In the meantime, Anjali's cousin Vijay suggests their marriage will restore harmony in their families by bringing together their fathers who are at loggerheads. To complicate matters, Anjali's father begins his hunt for a groom for his daughter. To thwart this, Vijay suggests that she disappears from the scene for some time. So she leaves home writing a letter that she doesn't like the boy chosen by her father. Getting wind of this, Visu too leaves home, following Anjali. How Anjali accepts his love forms the climax.

For a newcomer, Parimal has done a good job. His chocolate boy looks suit his role. Sandhya, with a touch of glamour, is the right choice for the hero. Sudha as Vasundara, the mother of the hero, is noteworthy.

Kota Srinivasa Rao as Anjali's father fits the bill. Raja Sridhar as Vijay is good. Suman Shetty and Thambi Ramaiya succeed in tickling the funny bone.

Cameraman Anji's work is up to the mark with some good visuals - a major portion of the film has been shot in Ooty and the songs in foreign locations. D. Iman's music makes one sit up and take notice, particularly the three songs ‘Vaalu Paiyane' (Anitha and Ranjith), ‘Poochandi' (Arthy and Kankishkar) and ‘Ragalakara Maman' (D. Iman) and his re-recording. The only song that sticks out like a sore thumb is the Ragasya number.

Editor Suresh Urs could have trimmed the film a little more.

Director Kanmani who is also in charge of the story, screenplay and dialogue has passed the acid test with a fair degree of success in all departments.