Shekar Raja, director of ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara,’ says he chose a thriller to prove he can handle variety

He is well prepared and free of tension. His confidence stems from his year-long planning.

Shekar Raja’s first film Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara released on Friday. The debut director is happy that he has helmed a thriller and says the film guarantees excitement. According to him, the audience is sure to have a few nail-biting moments to know what happens next.

Shekar Raja worked with Krishna Vamsi for 10 years before directing his own film. What took his so long? “Each time I thought of leaving him and doing a film on my own, I found something new to learn from him and it went on for ten years. I quit because I needed to make money. Vamsi doesn’t bank on any person for his work. In their absence, he goes about his work with ease as he has perfect grip on the 24 crafts but I can’t be spontaneous and do on-the-spot improvisation like him. I have to plan in advance.”

The debut director doesn’t reveal the synopsis but it is rumoured to be about spirits. “I chose the thriller genre because I wanted people to know that I am capable of handling a variety of genres. Love stories are so common and are chosen by first time directors. Handling a thriller shows one’s maturity. We chose Balakrishna for a pivotal role as we wanted freshness.”

What is Uu Kodathara Ulikki PadatharaUukodathara Ullikipadathara? “When one narrates a story, the second person while listening to the narration in rapt attention will nod and says Uu... that means we can go ahead with the story. Ulikki Padathara is the twist in the story that will surprise and shock the you. It now has to be seen how the audience reacts.”

How easy was it for him to shoot with such an ensemble cast? The director remarks, “I feel if one is in complete command over the subject and is able to clarify every doubt of an artiste they will not go ahead with the next question. The work gets easier.”