When we go to a movie, we look for a story, the dialogue, some substance and of course the craft and we are expected to remember the film for at least for a day or two. Though Love Cheste is a dubbed movie, it is sure to be forgotten even before you make it to the aisle. It has a story but it starts making sense only in the last 10 or 15 minutes of the film. It has dialogues but they all leave you embarrassed. From a five year old kid to 50 plus adult, nobody can do without the word dhobbey and the film industry wants the Censor Board to be lenient towards such profanity. Abhi is suffering from unrequited love and just when he has forgotten Ramya, Anjali comes into his life. At one stage Ramya returns to him and he is in a quandary, but keeps himself busy two timing them. Plot unravelled, the girls drop him like a hot potato and he leaves the place to become a reformed man.

No one talks normally in the film, they scream making us wonder if the audience is deaf. The humour is strained and clunky, the toilet humour is disgusting. A girl keeps speaking of her fascination for liquor, kid talks of things beyond his age. Women are no longer described as Ajanta and Ellora beauties in the songs but as ‘modern and hi-tech Samsung cells and laptops.' The first half of the film is atrocious, Anjali (Madhulika) dominates the show by her strange, outlandish, crude and quirky behaviour and what takes the cake is Abhi choosing the same girl as his wife in the climax. Pragati who plays the hero's mom is the only one who attempts to be sane but ends up being either too innocent or ignorant. She tells her son why pine for people who don't care when he has friends and a mother who love him so much.

Looks like Puri Jagan's dialogue Janda Pathenge in The Businessman has set an example, there is a number that has lyrics written in Telugu, English and also Hindi. Raja Ravindra looks more like Pragati's husband than her brother in the story, wonder why the film maker needed him for that one particular scene as if it were imperative. The film is guaranteed to dim your senses.

Love Cheste

Cast: Vishnu, Manjulika, Siddhi

Direction: Dhruva Nag

Music: Lindse

Genre: Love (U/A)

Plot: A young man's predicament in love

Bottomline: For the front benchers

Keywords: Tollywood