This small town girl came into the industry with big dreams and is now living it.

Fashionable, attractive and smart, Kangana Ranaut forayed into Hindi cinema with her first film “Gangster”. Critical and commercial success came to her with loads of offers almost ensuring her stay in Mumbai. Fame and recognition could not be far behind as she bagged the National award and the Filmfare award for her role as a supporting actor for “Fashion”. Her best may be yet to come but with “Kites” doing well internationally she also earned international acclaim. With “Once upon a time in Mumbai”, where Kangana play a yesteryear actor, up for release, she sure does have a lot to look forward to…

How did Bollywood happen?

I was doing theatre in Delhi and a few modelling assignments before I came to Mumbai. Auditioning for advertisements is a part of it too and that's when I got a call from Anurag Basu's office to attend an audition. Six to seven rounds of auditions were held before I was chosen to play the lead “Gangster”.

How has been your journey been till date?

It's been a tough journey for me. Hailing from a small city no one knew me in Mumbai. I was young and had no one to guide me or even show me what should be done the right way! In Mumbai I had to learn everything myself. I had no one to tell me even if I was going wrong. This was toughest part of the journey for me. And today I'm self made, learning from my mistakes and still have a long way to go.

Tell us about your role in “Once Upon a time in Mumbai”...

In this movie I play a Rehana, a 1970s period film actor who is a big star but in love with a gangster. I'm the romantic force behind this film. It's her journey of transformation from a star to a woman in love.

How do you stay fit?

I love doing cardio. I walk a lot and do yoga. I also go to the gym and eat healthy. But the thing with me is that I don't do all these things at the same time. I keep doing things depending on my mood and a combination of sorts to give me the best result.

What is your take on fashion?

For me fashion is what suits you depending on who you are and your personality. I don't think it's necessary for everyone to wear everything that's in vogue. One must choose a couple of cuts or fabrics that would suit the body type and work around that to make a statement. It's all about comfort at the end of the day. For me, I don't see myself wearing bright colours, I prefer wearing pastel shades. I don't like jeans instead I love pencil pants, trousers; flare trousers or harem pants which can really make you look different and fashionable.

Your take on make-up and grooming.

I think little is more. The concept of make- up is not well defined in the Bollywood industry. The actors look very good on screen but without makeup they can't be recognised. For me it's about concealing your flaws and enhancing your features. If you have nice lashes use a lot of mascara. If you have high cheekbones highlight them. If I have to step out all I do is wear lip balm, blusher and some mascara because that's all I need. But there might be others who need a concealer or compact but they should keep it minimal.

What do you feel about relationships?

I am not the right person to ask because am not in a relationship now. If am in a relationship I don't think I would tell anyone about it. I am a very private person. I don't want to end up marrying an actor from this industry. Am not saying I won't, but I hope I won't.

Describe your dream man.

He has to be honest person like me and should be very punctual. For me punctuality is vital it can denote so many other attributes that can build a relationship. That's what will be compatible with me.

How do you choose your roles?

The script has to work for me. The role does not matter to me. I look at the film and the story. For me that's what is important. Even if it's a film like “Metro” or “Fashion” which belonged to the other actors I would take it up because I believe in the script.

What is your take on size zero?

I was extremely skinny when I first came into this industry. In fact I was also criticised for being so thin. But now everyone around me has become thin and I have put on weight! Being thin has become common and I feel curves are important. During my teen years I use to eat very little and was very choosy about what I ate. But now with age the body type, changes occur and it's important to be healthy. IF I was a man I would look for curves in a woman as I feel that's beautiful.

Do you have a diet plan?

I feel diet plans don't make any sense. No one can follow a diet. The biggest dietician and nutritionist will be able to tell you that. You maybe able to do it four days a week but to follow an ideal diet is what is healthy and important.